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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals
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Our Favorite Fundraising Tips


Your Support Matters!

The Walk for Farm Animals plays a key role in Farm Sanctuary’s funding and operations. We rely on individuals like you to help us bring about change for farm animals. By raising money through the Walk, you directly support our rescue, education, and advocacy programs. Because of you, we will help more animals than ever before!

Animals are Relying on You!

More than 10 billion farm animals are slaughtered every year for food in the United States. Before their terrifying deaths, the animals lead miserable lives filled with abuse and neglect. They suffer in cages so small they cannot stretch out a wing, watch their children be torn away moments after birth, have their beaks mutilated and their tails chopped off without anesthetic, and face a multitude of other horrors. By raising money for the Walk for Farm Animals, you are showing animals like Vinnie that someone cares.
William and HarryWilliam and Harry

It Just Takes $100!

$100 means the world to an animal rescued from abuse. By raising $100, you can provide a month’s worth of feed to two hungry cattle like William and Harry. Reaching out to friends and family to raise funds is a great way to spread a message of compassion, and raising $100 also earns you a commemorative Walk for Farm Animals t-shirt! We have many helpful tips for how to start raising funds today!

It's Easy to Be Successful!

Raising money for animals is easy! Here are a few tips to get started.
  • Set a fundraising goal! How much do you want to raise for farm animals, and what are a few steps you can take to get there?
  • Email all of your contacts! Ask each for $20 to support your efforts. Tell them why Farm Sanctuary’s work to help farm animals matters to you.
Ask everyone! Most people — no matter their dietary choices — are against animal abuse and have no idea what happens on a factory farm. Tell the story of a Farm Sanctuary resident like little Angelo to demonstrate the importance of Farm Sanctuary’s work.
The money you raise through the Walk for Farm Animals funds Farm Sanctuary's rescue, sanctuary, legislative advocacy, and education efforts — and it helps animals like Eric! Learn More