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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals
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Our Favorite Fundraising Tips

You only have to raise $100 to earn a commemorative Walk for Farm Animals t-shirt (walkers under 18 receive a shirt upon registering)! The stylish shirt will help you spread the “Compassion for All” message every time you wear it!

Unisex T-Shirt Fitted Women's T-Shirt Youth T-Shirt

T-shirts will be shipped weekly to walkers who have reached the $100 minimum goal. Please allow two weeks between reaching your goal and the date of your Walk to ensure you will receive your T-shirt in time for the event!

How to Raise $100
Outreach Amount
Sponsor yourself for $15 $15
Ask three friends for $10 $30
Ask two family members for $20 $40
Ask three coworkers for $5 $15
  Total: $100

Remember to thank all of your sponsors for their support!

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