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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals
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Our Favorite Fundraising Tips

How to Raise Funds

It’s easy to be successful at fundraising! Follow these simple guidelines to raise even more money for farm animals!

Fundraising Guidelines

FundraisePlan. Before asking for money, decide what your fundraising goal will be. Select deadlines for yourself. Keep track of who you ask and when so you are able to send individual reminders.
FundraiseAsk everyone. Remember that nobody likes cruelty to animals — no matter their dietary choices — and most people are shocked to hear what happens on factory farms. Choose an animal story and photo from Farm Sanctuary's rescue pages to help make your case. Don't be afraid to show your passion — your friends and family will care if you care.
FundraiseEmail. Each email should include a brief explanation of what Farm Sanctuary does, what the Walks accomplish, and why you are choosing to participate. Highlight your fundraising goal and how much you would like individuals to give. Here's a good way to start: "Hi! I'm asking my friends to give $10 to help care for Eric at Farm Sanctuary!" Provide more information about Eric's story, and include a link to your personal giving page hosted by walkforfarmanimals.org.
FundraiseSocial media. Using Facebook and Twitter, post your goal and why you're walking. Ask your friends to donate $10 through your personal giving page. Share your favorite animal rescue stories from Farm Sanctuary to teach your friends about the animals their donations are helping. Be sure to include a link to your personal giving page in all of your posts!
FundraiseSay "Thanks!" After donations have been collected, remember to thank your donors via email, in person, or with a hand-written "thank you" note. Emphasize how their support contributed to your effort to reach your fundraising goal and communicate how much money was raised overall to help animals and prevent animal abuse on farms.
How to Raise $500 in a Week
Day Outreach Amount
1 Sponsor yourself for $25 $25
2 Ask three family members for $25 $75
3 Ask five friends to donate $15 $75
4 Ask five co-workers to sponsor you for $10 $50
5 Email 15 contacts and ask for a $10 donation $150
6 Ask your company for a $75 contribution $75
7 Ask two businesses you frequent for $25 $50
Total: $500!
Don't forget to thank all of your donors for their support.
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