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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals

For Kids and Families

For Kids and Families
The Walk for Farm Animals is pleased to host your family for a day of fun! While each Walk has its own character, every city will have activities specifically designed for your children, such as temporary tattoos, face painting, and costume contests. Please join us – we've selected our Walk locations with families (and strollers!) in mind! Kids with CowChildren really enjoy fundraising and the sense of accomplishment it gives them. We encourage parents to create a family team, which makes it easier to register children and allows kids to be more involved in the Walk. Like other teams, family teams will have a leader who sets the overall fundraising goal. An extra benefit of creating a family team is the reduced cost of registering. Kids under 18 register for free, and they also receive a t-shirt just for signing up! Kids under 13 are eligible to receive the Youth Grand Prize, and kids 13 and older are eligible to receive the Individual Grand Prize. A family team, like all other teams, is eligible to compete for the team grand prize — a "Compassion for All" tote bag. Learn more about the prizes here. We do ask that all Walk attendees register, no matter their age. Fundraising as a family is a lot of fun, and it unites members as they strive for a common goal. Encourage your children to become involved – kids are often the highest earners on teams! There are many exciting fundraising projects for children of all ages, including:
  • Run a lemonade stand! Kids can take advantage of the summer heat by setting up a stand in your neighborhood.
  • Hold a car wash! Some great places for car washes are parking lots of fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and places of worship. Be sure kids check with the lot owners before starting.
  • Offer services for companion animals! Older kids are always needed to walk local dogs or watch a neighbor's cats while they're on vacation.
  • Write letters! Relatives can't resist a handwritten note from young children. Kids can share personal updates while telling family about the Walk and how to help.
  • Work for neighbors! Older children can offer to help out neighbors by mowing their lawn, cleaning their gutters, raking leaves, or pulling weeds.
  • Host a vegan bake sale! Younger kids can help you cook, while older kids can try their hand at their own recipe. Sell the treats at your next PTA meeting, religious service, or children's sports game.
  • Be creative! Create a project based on your child's interests so they will be more involved and have more fun. Is your son a budding artist? Auction his artwork to your family members. Is your daughter on a sports team? Ask a local animal-friendly business to donate $5 for every goal she or her team scores.
Ready to get started? Register your family's team today!