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Changing Hearts and Raising Funds for Farm Animals
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How Your Support Helps Animals

Why We Walk


Because farm animals can't speak for themselves

The classification “farm animals” includes some of the most intelligent and complex creatures on earth. Studies have shown that pig intelligence is actually more advanced than that of dogs. Chickens use a multitude of sounds to communicate with each other and experience deep empathy for their fellow birds. Cows are fiercely loyal, developing life-long friendships with their herd mates and mourning the deaths of those they lose. The one thing these animals can’t do, though, is speak for themselves. When you Walk, you give a voice to these incredible creatures.

Because Farm Sanctuary is the largest farm-animal shelter in North America

Farm Sanctuary operates three sanctuaries and runs the largest farm-animal rescue and refuge network across North America. Throughout the years, more than 8,000 animals have called Farm Sanctuary home, and we have found safe and loving placement for nearly 3,000 more. The animals who come to our sanctuaries have been rescued from factory farms, stockyards, natural disasters, and abuse and neglect cases. When you Walk, the donations you raise help us rescue, feed, administer urgent care, and provide permanent homes for farm animals!

Because 97% of Americans oppose cruelty to animals

Most people don’t realize that there are no federal laws protecting farm animals from cruelty while they are housed on a farm or during transport to slaughter. There are limited protections for cows and pigs at slaughter that are inconsistently enforced and no protections for chickens or turkeys. Factory farms—which raise and slaughter billions of farm animals each year—view animals as cheap commodities rather than as individuals with their own needs and feelings. The cruelty inflicted by factory farms on these helpless animals is unconscionably brutal and would be considered a felony if cats or dogs were the victims. When you Walk, the donations you raise help us educate the public about these egregious abuses and support legislation to end them.
The money you raise through the Walk for Farm Animals funds Farm Sanctuary's rescue, sanctuary, legislative advocacy, and education efforts — and it helps animals like Eric! learn-more-button
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